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52% of Australians die without Legal Wills.

Don’t be another statistic, be smart.


What we do.

End-to-end Legal Will Automation

It all started when…

We recognised that building a Legal Will wasn’t easy as it should have been. Complex documents, hours of consultations and prohibitive legal fees meant we were being punished just for being ahead of the curve.

So we made Willya - to automate the process, and help young Australians prepare their future by building their plan, today.


Ready? It’s only $49.

Make a plan today.

We have an all-in-one package deal that lets you set up everything at once; giving you peace of mind.


Simple, fast.

Get your Will built in less than 15 minutes.

We’re big believers in speed and scale - so you’re in and out quick.


No surprises.

We pride ourselves on keeping things simple.

Here’s a quick summary of what we focused on when building Willya and where it counts.

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Simple process

No one has that kind of time for lawyers, we get it.
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Digital Access

We email you copies of documents in minutes.
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100% Aussie

We're here to help Aussies just like us.

Cheaper, by lots.

Find out why people choose us - from mums to millennials.

From young to old - we believe we’ve got you covered, and can spare you the process of dealing with a salesman in a suit.


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